Introducing New Work

Fusions of “Rings” and “Links”

Ovals, squares, circles and rectangles are woven together to create these four new unique designs in bronze by Tom Corbin. Ara and Lyra are smaller in scale, perfect for a bookcase, mantel, atop a stack of books or anywhere needing a pop of artful interest. Carina and Hydra are larger, ranging from 36″ and 44″ in length, designed for dining...

Introducing Boomerangs

Energetic and edgy, Tom Corbin’s Boomerang Columns are exciting from all vantages. These three contemporary sculptural designs exhibit movement and dynamic character and they work well solo or in a grouping. The Boomerang Series ranges in height from 75″H to 86″H. Boomerang Column I Edition 60 86.75”H, 16”D, 16”W Bronze, black/brown patina Boomerang Column II Edition 60 78.5”H, 16”D, 16”W...

Introducing New Works

An ode to nature lovers and our beloved pollinators alike, Bee Scene features a stylized honeycomb motif with a perched honey bee. All in bronze, this contemporary screen sculpture serves as a reminder to protect our environment, now and forever. Bee Study is the monumental polished bronze bee shown in Bee Scene. This special pollinator is available to purchase sans hive and/or with an added limestone base to...

Introducing New Works

"The Passage Totem symbolically is driven by two primary icons, a stylized female symbol and a keyhole. In combination they suggest the ever evolving station and role of a woman in society. In a sense, it conjures the opening "up" or "unlocking" of new chapters of the emerging female." ~ Tom Corbin

In the Studio

New nonobjective designs are emerging in the studio in the form of a Totem, a Column and even Boomerangs! Here's a behind the scenes view of what Tom has been working on. Please follow us on Instagram @corbinbronze for more artist's studio views.

Introducing the XO Series

“Thinking about our world status as of 2020, I hope these works represent reaching out with benevolence, compassion and empathy when humanity’s desire for peace and hope are palpable. Prior to the shutdown in March, I had sculpted a simple “XO” as I’ve been interested in the combination of shapes and symbolism for some time. Evidence of this intrigue made...

Social Still Life

Infused with vitality, these still objects take on a life of their own in a bronze installation of a woman’s purse and heels. A snapshot in time captures these articles just as the owner left them, leaving us to wonder where they were or where are they going? Social Still Life is the first sculpture by Tom without a figure at...

The Deep End

Corbin's expands on the Environments Series with his first tri-figure sculpture. In The Deep End, a moment is captured as a female figure is ready to commence her entry into the pool. The works in the Environments Series place the figure(s) within a setting to deliver a fuller story, giving the figure a purpose and a place.

Aurora VII

Introducing Tom’s newest sculpture in his signature Aurora series, Aurora VII. In this timeless pose, the figure releasing a dove speaks both aesthetically and symbolically of hope, grace and peace.

Column Tables I and II

Expanding on the Columns Series from tall freestanding sculptures to tabletop accessories, Tom Corbin has designed two new tables. Column Table I features stacked, rounded volumes in rich, black/brown patina. Column Table II exhibits a dynamic weight shift with a dramatic diagonal and warm, light golden brown patina Column Table I23”H, 14.75” diameterBronze, black/brown patina Column Table II23.5”H, 12”D, 18”WBronze,...

New Series “Links”

Windows, doors and passages give way to new experiences. Squares and rectangles in Corbin's newest iteration of combined shapes, "Links", are combined to create stability or tension in each design. Rotate the sculpture for an alternate dynamic physically or aesthetically. Custom opportunities available and welcome.

Girl with Apple II Tall

Announcing Girl with Apple II Tall, the latest piece from Corbin’s sculpture studio. A part of the “Giving Female” series, Tom sees this reflective figure as both benevolent and highly symbolic.  From a historical perspective, apples have been connotative of knowledge, temptation, love, immortality and femininity. What does this figure signify to you? Girl with Apple II Tall Edition 60 81”H,...