Introducing New Sculpture

Endlessly inspired by the human form, Tom Corbin is releasing two new limited edition figurative works: Nude Descending and Olivia; plus one new Horse.


The rough texture gives evidence to the process of sculpting Corbin’s new figure, Olivia. The figure and base were sculpted in plaster, molded, cast in bronze and patinaed white to mimic the distinctive look of plaster. Her subtle turn of the head and slight gesture of the body provide a lovely silhouette.

Edition 80
35”H, 10”D, 6.5”W
Bronze, white patina


Nude Descending is a part of Tom’s signature Environments Series and pays homage to Duchamp’s two-dimensional masterpiece in Corbin’s own artistic voice. A touch surreal, the floating stairs are grounded in the bronze base while the figure moves effortlessly in this composition.

Nude Descending
Edition 80
15.5”H, 6”D, 18”W
Bronze, green/brown patina

Horse Study #5 depicts Tom’s signature pose for the equine subject. This time on a small scale; perfect for gifting and fun to find a home for in your collection.

Horse Study #5
Edition 85
13.5”H, 3.5”D, 13”W
Bronze, green/brown patina