Avion III  In Tom’s Words:

“Throughout my career as a sculptor, there have been a few themes that resurrect themselves over and over again. One of those themes would be that of ‘The Giving Female’. The first piece in this category was Girl with Apple sculpted in 1990. Perhaps a reference to the Garden of Eden, the nude female figure was poised to offer some forbidden fruit. Pieces that followed included Girl with Pear, Bird in Hand, Sarah with Cupcake and Avion. 

“What sparked this procession of pieces? I grew up with a mother and three sisters that were all givers. They were all compassionate, nurturing females that, at the same time, were strong and confident. So it was kind of natural to portray a female sculpture embodying all of those qualities. The offerings vary, those providing peace and sustenance (literally and figuratively).” 

Avion III
Edition 80
80”H, 15”D, 12”W
Bronze, green/brown patina
with polished bird
Light grey granite base