So You’re Curious About the Sculpting Process?

Bronze has been the metal of choice by artists for centuries for its casting and color capabilities. Originating in Asia and The Mediterranean thousands of years ago, the bronze casting process varies little from the process used in ancient times. A few facts: bronze is made up of 95% copper with silicon, manganese and tin making up the remaining 5%. It will never rust and endures the passage of time well.

A sculpture will begin by any number of planned or chance circumstances. Sometimes it’s an inspiration from a trip or a photograph or nature or perhaps an idea that has intrigued the artist for years. Something they just can’t not create. The steps generally have a common thread ~ sketches and drawings focus the idea, a maquette (or study) is made, then a drawing to scale for proportions, then on to the sculpture where an armature (or framework) is constructed. But this is just a guideline, it could be that drawing upon drawing never takes on three-dimensional form. Or sometimes the artist will go straight to a full scale sculpture, throwing planning and caution aside, to express an idea.

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