In the Studio

In the Studio Now

Introducing Bodie…and his puppy sibling, Sister, the new canine muses and cuddly Corbin family members. Whether seated or standing, the new life-size Standard Poodle sculptures are full of youthful energy and perfect poodle poise. The first castings will be unveiling at Neocon 2018 The very definition of statuesque, Woman in Gown Tall, will command the room with her S curved...

New Paintings

With his two-dimensional work, Corbin enjoys exploring genres ranging from photorealism to nonobjective and everything in between. Having painted for over 15 years, Tom’s signature artistic style emerges in new ways through his painting, some congruent with his sculptural work and some in contrast. He states “Though sculpture and furniture design still dominates my work schedule, the thought of my next painting is...

In the Studio Now

Please enjoy a glimpse at some of the projects Tom is working on this spring. From figures to accessories to paintings and beyond, 2016 will be a busy year In the Studio at Corbin Bronze

KC Commission

Tom has been working on three new life-size figures for a large project in the heart of Kansas City. This dynamic installation will be Tom’s tallest to date with three “frames” stacked vertically. Here’s a sneak peak from the studio

In the Studio Now

Introducing unexpected new work from Tom’s studio including nonobjective Columns and a new bronze canine companion. Hope you enjoy the 2015 preview. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year from Corbin Bronze!   Tom was approached to create a special commemorative sculpture as a tribute for a beloved late daughter who was deeply involved with rescuing dogs. He researched canine anatomy and...

New Small Tables

Designing small occasional tables is one of Tom’s favorite studio projects. Intimate in scale, these tables most often take on sculptural themes tending towards simple, organic forms. Tom’s design process starts out with a cascade of ideas in the form of yellow legal pad “doodles” View on our website:Bulb TableSabra TableAll Occasional Tables 

Diva IV, in the studio

The pose is classic, the abstraction of the figure – contemporary. In combination, the female form is dynamic and powerful. The verticality of the piece accentuates the overall impact of the sculpture. See Corbin’s sculpting process below.                  

Ballerinas, in the studio

So often ballet dancers are sculpted in a highly representational manner. That is not the case with Ballerina I and II. The figures epitomize grace and elegance which is enhanced through the elongation of each dancer. The result is an unusual lightness and airiness not often found with bronze sculpture.

Tall Mannequins

Tom Corbin’s Tall Mannequins Introducing life-size bronze Mannequins by Tom Corbin. Inspired by the small sculptures below, Corbin has sculpted the new figures in a scale that will interact with the viewer in an entirely unique way.

Horse and Rider II

History of Horse and Rider From Prehistoric cave drawings to Renaissance masterpieces and present day icons, the subject of a horse and rider has been a recurring theme in paintings and sculpture alike in various cultures throughout history.

Girl on Swing, in progress

From conceptual drawings to maquette to clay model to bronze. Girl on Swing is the newest addition to Tom’s Environments Series.  

Sculptural Accessories: Botanicals

Taking inspiration from nature, Tom’s flowers are a Corbin hybrid with expressive gestures and sunny dispositions.