History of Horse and Rider

From Prehistoric cave drawings to Renaissance masterpieces and present day icons, the subject of a horse and rider has been a recurring theme in paintings and sculpture alike in various cultures throughout history.

While Tom Corbin focuses primarily on the human figure, he has always been intrigued by horses and continues to find new inspiration in the subject both in painting and sculpture.

We hope you enjoy the following collection of artworks displaying the theme as well as Tom’s newest tall sculpture, Horse and Rider II.

Prehistoric cave drawing


The Condottiere Gattamelata, Donatello, 1453 (left)

Study of Horse and Rider, Leonardo da Vinci, 1481 (right)

The Circus, George Bellows, 1912
Bronze horse sculptures at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Bronze Horse and Rider sculpture at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (left)

Horse and Rider, Marino Marini (right)

Cavaliere, Marino Marini, 1949 (left)

Horse and Rider, Marino Marini, 1950 (right)

Horse and Rider sculptures, Shona Nunan

Horse and Rider, Tom Corbin (left)

Range Rover, Tom Corbin, 2012 (right)

An armature is built out of metal plumbing pipe and wire
Tom uses calipers to get dimensions from his scaled drawing
The figure is added to the horse
Refinements to the texture complete the sculpture
Finished clay sculpture

Horse and Rider II
Editon 60
77″H, 11.5″D, 18″W
Bronze, green/brown patina