Sculptural Accessories: Botanicals

Taking inspiration from nature, Tom’s flowers are a Corbin hybrid with expressive gestures and sunny dispositionsno watering required. Inspired by the new sculptural accessory, Flower Study, Tom has created 3 new “Botanicals” shown in progress below.

Flower Study


Inspiration sketch

Refinements to design
Flower arranging
Finished design, shown with sprues added for casting

Cinque Fiori

Multiple single stem flowers arranged on a base
The first three stems are placed and manipulated, creating movement
All five stems grow in perfectly organic asymmetry
Flowers, which will be cast separately are removed for molding

Tre Fiori

Sketches of the three stemmed design

Three flowers and a sweet hummingbird
Red wax sprues are added before molding for castability
A bed of clay will enable Tom to mold the first half
Rubber mold material
The second half
Finished mold