Diva IV, in the studio

The pose is classic, the abstraction of the figure – contemporary. In combination, the female form is dynamic and powerful. The verticality of the piece accentuates the overall impact of the sculpture. See Corbin’s sculpting process below.

The general shape of the plaster figure is formed


Plaster shown in profile


Wax is added to the surface


The figure shown covered in wax


Wax shown in profile


The molding process begins with rubber mold material


Upon completion of the mold, the original sculpture is once again revealed after being covered in first the rubber mold and then the plaster mother mold. The top third shows the original sculpture; rubber mold material in the middle; and plaster at the bottom. The molds are removed and will be put back together at the foundry to begin the bronze casting process.


The finished bronze casting will be revealed in the coming weeks