Introducing the XO Series

“I hope these works represent reaching out with benevolence, compassion and empathy when humanity’s desire for peace and hope are palpable. I had sculpted a simple “XO” as I’ve been interested in the combination of shapes and symbolism for some time. Evidence of this intrigue made appearances in a few paintings, but never in my sculpture. Curious to see how they could work together, I created several more sizes of X-O shapes. The resulting piece, X’s and O’s, was gratifying to arrange at the foundry and I was happy with the multiple ways that it can be displayed by rotating the sculpture.” ~ Tom Corbin

XO Study
6”H, 6”D, 8”W
Polished Bronze
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Edition 60
9”H, 9.5”D, 12”W
Bronze, black/brown patina

X’s and O’s
Edition 60
10”H, 12.5”D, 27”W
Bronze, light golden brown
patina with polished highlights