Putting our work in a new venue always generates a fresh dynamic for the pieces – exciting and often unexpected. The collaboration of a breathtaking location with the unique talent of photographer Ron Berg, made Corbin sculpture and accessories shine in the best “light”


1bCorbinPhotoshoot copy
Location, location, location! We were so lucky to be invited to shoot at the elegant home of Jim and Missy Neville in Mission Hills, Kansas. While an outdoor shoot was not the original plan, we simply couldn’t resist the picturesque gardens, pool and outdoor living areas. Tom and Julia toured the property prior to the photo shoot to select and place the pieces


Sculpture, accessories and furniture were placed around the property, inside and out. When every corner you turn is this lovely, it’s hard (and fun!) to select the just-right spot


Ron Berg’s creativity, humor and patience made the day a complete success (RonBergPhoto.com). Kansas City weather did not disappoint with it’s melty humidity in the morning followed by threatening storms in the afternoon


Homeowner Missy Neville is co-owner of the exquisite swimwear collection, Helen Jon. Inspired by travel and the need for functional and fashionable swimwear, their “lifestyle fashion” includes tunics, coverups, board shorts and accessories (HelenJon.com)


Elli (foreground) and Emma (background) make their appearances at the pool, which was THE place to be seen


Horse and Rider II is ready at the gate


Our “extras” on the set included Julia’s husband, Steven and baby, Benny. Susie Corbin joined us and cuddled the babe


Inside now (thankfully!), Mannequin II descended the staircase


Botanica blossoms on the mantel


Girl with Sunflower in an upstairs niche that must have been built with her in mind


Bailey, the Neville’s sweet Wheaten Terrier, posed with Tre Forma


The Bambara Bowl felt quite at home in the kitchen


Tre Fiori, just hanging out by the natural light in the window


Little Black Dress was quite proud to make her debut on the grand piano

Ron Berg Photo
Helen Jon Swimwear

More photos featuring new products will be revealed in an upcoming post including new occasional tables, Diva IV, Ballerinas and more
Horse and Rider II
Mannequin II Tall
Girl with Sunflower
Tre Forma
Bambara Bowl
Tre Fiori
Little Black Dress