Taken literally, Girl on Canoe depicts a young woman piloting a canoe down a river or stream while simultaneously balancing herself against the currents and rough waters that surround her. 

A metaphor for life, she is literally going with the flow, testing her ability to navigate her path without the help of the paddle she has in hand. Girl on Canoe is Corbin’s latest addition to the Environments Series

The treatment of the human figure in my sculpture has followed a consistent path. The figure is shown as a singular component, self-contained and devoid of an intended environment or space. In breaking with my past, I have designed a series of works that integrates the figure with a defined, site specific environment.”  Tom Corbin

Rough sculpture in clay
Finished clay figure
At the foundry in raw cast bronze

Girl on Canoe
Edition 60
17.5”H, 9.5”D, 23.5”W
Bronze, green/brown patina
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